My Adopted Dragon - Pandora
This dragon is one of my Adopted Dragons - her name is Pandora! Isn't she regal looking? She flys through the night spreading her peaceful beauty everywhere she goes.
This dragon is also an Adoptee - his name is Imp! Doesn't he look mischievous?He is just waiting to get out of his egg and cause some trouble.
My Adopted Dragon - Imp
I Love Dragons!

I have been fascinated with dragons all my life - I think it must have started with Puff, the magic dragon. Also, the dragon temperament seems to reflect my own - hot and bristly sometimes, softer at others.
I have spend many years reading fantasy novels about dragons, talking about them with friends who share the same feelings as I do about them and starting a small collection of them.

I currently have several foil dragons made by a lady I know named Natalie Young who does wonderful work. Her business is called Fantasy Dragons and she can make any kind of dragon to order. I have 3 - Spike, Roxanne's Roar (to match my temper) and Fang, who sits on my computer at home and watches over me. I have put Natalie's link on this page in the links section. Eventually, I hope to have pictures of my 3 dragons on here also.

Here's hoping you find the dragon that matches you somewhere. Happy Hunting! My Adopted Dragon - Malora
This dragon is another one of my Adopted Dragons - her name is Malora! She is my cuddly dragon.

My Dragon Links
Here Be Dragons A great site with all kinds of dragon info
Fantasy Dragons How to order your own special dragon
Downloadable Dragons Where my beautiful dragons came from
My Adopted Dragon - McAlister
This dragon is my sleepy Adopted Dragon - his name is McAlister! He is my "I'm tired - I played too hard all day" dragon.