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A Tribute

This rose is a tribute to those who have had or who have Cancer. It is a disease that causes many hardships to those who have it. Hang in there and Survive!

Click to go the Lance Armstrong Foundation Website. There you can get tips on surviving Cancer and how to buy the yellow LIVESTRONG armbands that help support the Foundation and Cancer research.

Special Thanks go to Greggles for My Title Graphics!

Still    Ctazy    After    All    These    Years

Hello out there! My name is Rocki. I am older than dirt, been married for 26 years (I know it's a long time, ain't it), have a beautiful 16 year old daughter and live in the Deep South. However I am not a Southern Belle - I am just a Ding-a-Ling. The reason for the title of my homepage is that I am known for my clutziness. I am constantly injuring ankles, joints, wrists, knees, etc. At one point I had a new injury every 4-6 weeks. You know that old saying "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all"? I think it was written for me. Oh well, I'll just keep struggling along.

I am the Mom of a Teenager with all that entails. My daughter Caiti has been a competitive ice skater, played viola in a Strings Orchestra, has been a JV Cheerleader and a JV Basketball player and now is a Varsity Cheerleader. My second page "Caiti's Arena" has info on this topic.

Other interests of mine are Classic Cars -my Husband Stan has a 1970 Red El Camino and you can see about that on "Love Those Classic Cars"; Science Fiction - whether on TV, Movies or in books and reading Mystery Novels.

Our family loves to travel and we have a timeshare week in Gatlinburg, TN and Gulf Shores, AL. We have visited New York, New Mexico, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington D.C., Mississippi, Ohio, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas,Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan.

My pages are under constant construction - a new one is "My Dragon Page". I am big dragon lover and will soon be adding photos of my dragon collection. Hopefully, this page will be up to snuff soon. Also, my daughter has a female chocolate Lab and I have a "Pound Puppy". We hope to have a page up for our "Hershey Kiss" and "Taz" soon.