Caiti's First Love - Ice Skating

My Daughter, Caiti, is 15 years old. She has been fascinated with figure skating since she was about 3 and from that point on that was all we heard "I want to Skate!". Finally when she was 5-1/2 we let her take a skating class and figured this would spoil the illusion and she would get over this phase. It was more than 7 years later before she finally decided to move on to other things. I spent all my spare time freezing in an ice rink for those 7 years. There were weeks when we spent more time there than at home.

After Caiti decided to give up ice skating, she tried out for JV Cheerleading and made it. She has been a Cheerleader for 2 years now and she loves doing stunts. She also started playing viola in the Strings Orchestra at our local School of Fine Arts and made 2nd chair.

After much persuasion on her part, I let her try out for basketball this year. Who knew a 5'1-1/2" girl could be such a powerhouse? Her coach plays her every game, almost the whole time. I never thought my "little" girl would be such an aggressive basketball player, and especially one who can hit 3 pointers. But she loves to play and plans on staying with it as much as she can.

Well Caiti has just turned 15 - the year of the "driver's permit". Let me just say we're all looking forward to this - NOT! But I can always look at the bright side, that hopefully she will drive more like her dad than me. (I am the wild driver in the family!)

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