Another one of my husband's favorite things is anything with Taz on it. He has TAZ-Mania. He owns jackets, caps, car fresheners, car floor mats, shirts, cups - you name it. So this little section is for his Taz.

Love   Those   Classic   Cars!

Part of the reason my husband, Stan, and I were so drawn together is our love of classic cars. We each have our favorites and hope to someday own at least one each. Stan has always enjoyed working on cars. When he was in college, he and his cousins used to do specialized paint work and work on engines. He still has some parts sitting around from those days. Stan currently has one that he is working on, a bright red 1970 El Camino. I, of course, want a sporty model something along the lines of a '58 Corvette or a '63 split window Coupe Corvette. Neither one of us would turn up our noses at a '65 Mustang, a Shelby, a Tucker (like we would ever find one of those!) or various other great classic cars. Luckily, we have a gatherings here where we live on some Saturdays at our local Wal-mart or Sonic Drive-in. This is a great way to indulge yourself by looking and talking without having to drive all over the countryside to do it. Of course it can also make you envious. Eventually, I hope to add some pictures of my hubby's car and his previous one (a '72 GMC Sprint) to this page and find some really great links. There are some modern sports car that we like - Corvettes, Mitsubishi's 3000GT, and of course the wonderful Dodge Viper. Thanks for driving with us!

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